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James Gang Pizza
LaPaz Restaurant
Red Horse Seafood & Steakhouse
7th Street PaPa John’s Pizza
Brewers Alley
Carriage House Bakery
Coca Cola Company
Dutch’s Daughters
Eunice’s Family Restaurant
Frederick Red Horse Steak House
May’s Restaurant
Mt. Gate Family Restaurant
Seafood Supreme – New Market
Trout’s Market Woodsboro
UNO Chicago Grill
Walkersville Sheetz

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Important Announcement from Debbie Williams - Click to Read

Hello I’m Debbie Williams and I’m trying to give you a small description of what it’s been to serve the Lord through the PATTY POLLATOS FUND the last 27 years. There’s no way that I could put everyone that was involved in this 18 minute clip but I wanted you to see what a miraculous job our Lord has done to serve people not only in this community but where ever it was needed in our world.  Key donors that believed in our mission from the start such as Wayne Fox & Stacy Collins PNC Bank , Tom Netelli, Dan & Mary Sipe , Airport View Signs, Keeney Basford Funeral Home , Criswell, Sam Hall, Marks Equipment just to name a few – all knew that – One Person Can Make a Difference but together we changed the world.

Click to view the 2019 PPF FFF Final after 27 years of Service
Thanks to Craig Shipp for making this video possible!