Will Enten

Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma

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Will Enten's Bio

Will is a 14 year old in eighth grade at Crestwood Middle School in Frederick, MD. He has an older sister, Kylie. Will has played lacrosse for Carroll Manor for years and basketball for BCRC. He is a straight A student who loves to interact with others, helping his classmates through encouragement and inspiration. He is well liked by his teachers and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

In June of this year, Will complained of a bump on the back of his hand, we thought it was an injury from lacrosse, seeing that his season had just ended and he had doctor’s appointment in July, we thought it was a cyst or something of the sort so we waited until his appointment. Luckily for us his pediatrician recommended that he see a hand specialist to see what was going on. In August we were able to see the specialist who performed an MRI and biopsy. The result was the worst news any parent could ever hear. It was concluded that Will had a very rare form cancer called alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. There are only about 200 cases diagnosed each year in the United States, approximately one in a million children. Will also had it in his lymph nodes near the elbow and under his arm pit. We took Will to Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland as we knew this would be the best chance for him.

After additional tests Will underwent surgery to check his bone marrow, install the port in his chest for chemotherapy and remove the infected lymph nodes in his elbow. It had been all bad news up to this point. Will’s oncologist told us that the bone marrow was clear and that the cancer had not spread to other areas in his body, thank God. Johns Hopkins uses a team of professionals to review each child’s case and they decided to go for a win-win scenario of treatment for Will. Rather than trying to remove the tumor and possibly his entire hand, the treatment would be 43 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation with eventual surgery to remove what is left of the malignant cells and tumor, hopefully not only curing him but also saving his hand.

Will remains positive as he believes in God and there also his trust. He is willing to fight this challenge as he would any other.

You prayers are much appreciated.

God Bless

Tony, Lorri, Kylie and Will Enten