Westley Petersen


Westley Petersen's Bio

Westley Petersen was born in Frederick, MD.  Only a few hours old, he was found to have a trans esophageal fissula and transported to the University of Maryland in Baltimore for surgery to correct the problem. Three weeks later, he was released. In his home in Middletown, he enjoyed sports, fishing and dirt bikes. Once completing high school, he moved to Hagerstown and worked at FedEx Freight.

On March 10th, 2013, while riding motorcycles with two friends, he had an accident and broke his back. He again was taken to the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Admitted to Shock Trauma, he went through two surgeries to remove and repair broken vertebrae. He spent a month at Shock Trauma and a month at Kernan Rehabilitation Hospital in Baltimore. He was fortunate that his father and stepmother were able to build him a handicap accessible bathroom and bedroom in their home.

Currently, Wes is paralyzed from the waist down. He is attending physical therapy in Frederick, MD trying to regain some function.

Westley is interested in a trac chair, a motorized wheelchair with a special seat that can raise him to a standing position to work on things he enjoys. It is also very beneficial to his bone strength and circulation.

Westley has a home in the area that he currently is renting to cover expenses. Eventually he would like to return there, but many things such as a bathroom, entrances and stairs would need to be changed. It would get him close to his many friends and all their support.

Wes is well loved, friendly guy who would drop everything to help a friend in need. Now his family and friends are banding together to show him our support and raise funds to help Westley, now 24 yrs old, regain some independence that he greatly misses.

Thank you for taking the time to read his Bio and for any help you can provide.