Wade Douglass


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Wade Douglass's Bio

Wade Douglass was a very active person, he was always out and about and on the run, He is a hard worker and could do it all between working on trucks, cars, tractors and motorcycles. Little did he know his very active life would flip upside down on December 13, 2017 shortly after his 21st birthday. He went to the hospital with neck and back pain, expecting to just get medication and be on with his life, they decided to run some test. Only to find out his spleen was so enlarged that he was one tight hug away from death. His blood came back and none of the doctors at FMH wanted to confirm so he was transported to Johns Hopkins where they confirmed his leukemia.

Still in shock he was convinced he was going to be going home and back to work the next day, where they broke it to him he wasn’t leaving for a few weeks. He was diagnosed with ALL, which is common in young children, so Wade is treated as a pediatric patient where he gets extensive chemo that young children bodies can handle generally not adults but he was a border line age. He had an allergic reaction to blood cells, and a few medications. He has been throwing up for 6 weeks straight. He has lost all of his strength and gets winded with short distance walks. He has been forced not to work. On top of all of this he isn’t in a good living environment. His very supportive fiancé is forced to work long hours, that doesn’t even make ends meet. Plus late nights of caring for Wade. The family is heartbroken that they aren’t financially able to help them the way they need, He appreciates every little bit. Thank you so much for your time!