Tyler New


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Tyler New's Bio

Tyler New is 16 years old and a senior at Clear Spring High School. On August 6th 2013, Tyler was in New Market MD with some friends when they were involved in a motor vehicle accident and Tyler’s injuries have changed his life forever.

On August 6th 2013 after surviving a motor vehicle accident, Tyler underwent many hours of surgery and because he suffered a fracture in his C7 vertebrae resulting in a spinal cord injury. He required surgical stabilization of his neck and placement of a tracheotomy; he has spent several weeks in the Neurotrauma Critical care unit.

As a result of his spinal cord injury, he has significant neurologic impairment of his extremities resulting in quadriplegia. He will require extensive long term rehabilitation in the hopes of that he will progress and regain some level of function while he learns how to adapt to his deficits. Even with improvement and rehabilitation, he will require long term care and will likely have nursing and rehabilitation needs indefinitely.

Tyler’s family faces the mounting medical bills and expense to renovate their home to now accompany all the different rehab devices and to make his home adaptable for the wheel chair, ramps into the home, and a vehicle to get him around.

Tyler was a kid looking to graduate high school and go onto Auto Mechanic Technical school at Wyotech in Pennsylvania. However, due to this horrible accident his life has been changed forever and he has been given a different task to master.

Tyler is a great kid who loved to do things outdoors such as fishing or playing video games to guitar now he will have a new journey ahead of him. Tyler’s mom(Angie Palladino) suffers from Crohn’s disease and was recently hospitalized for several weeks and unable to work. This is in addition to the time from work she has missed and will miss in the future dealing with Tyler’s recovery. Her job is in jeopardy. She works full time trying to make ends meet on a daily basis and is now faced with mounting medical bills all while being supportive of the new obstacle her son has been given. Tyler’s step dad (Dave Palladino) is currently out of work and on disability from a back injury so the income was already stretched so thin it now has to spread even farther. The family is devastated by the injury. The trials and obstacles to come will no doubt be mental, physical and financial.

Please pray for this family and keep your kids close.

Angie Palladino ( Tyler’s mom )