Stephanie Johnson

Type 1 Diabetes

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Stephanie Johnson's Bio

Stephanie is a 12-year-old little girl who has been battling diabetes since the age of two. Recently Stephanie was also diagnosed with a high functioning autism call Asperger’s.

For the past year we had been trying to raise money for a DAD (Diabetic Alert Dog-a service dog). These DADs are truly remarkable. They are able to detect when Stephanie blood sugar start to drop even before her insulin pump and sensor are able to detect the drop. This is really important at night, when Stephanie has had most of her seizures due to the drop. The dog would be able to wake her up when it senses the drop so that she can correct her blood sugar before she has a seizure.  If the  DAD is unable to arouse her, he will then be trained to wake up her family.

Knowing that Stephanie will have a dog and will be safe through the night, she will be able to sleep at night and not stay awake in fear that her sugar is dropping. During the day Stephanie will gain more independence having her dog with her. Not only will the dog help tremendously with her diabetes but with her Asperger’s, the depression and the difficulty of making friends and feeling alone. Stephanie has already raised $10,000 to go toward her DAD dog but we still have to come up with $8,000 to complete the training.