Shelley Remsburg

Adrenal Gland Tumors

Shelley Remsburg's Bio

Shelley is a nurse and a single mom with two children, one in college and one getting ready to go to college.  Shelley is working as a full time nurse and has a second job to provide for her family.

She recently had some tests and a CT scan which found a small mass near her adrenal gland that the doctors said would need to be removed. She scheduled her next appointment where they did a second CT scan to make sure which areas would be disturbed while removing the mass. While doing the second scan they found a much more serious problem. A second mass/tumor was discovered that was very large and entangled in her adrenal gland but they couldn’t be sure to what degree. She was sent to Johns Hopkins where they looked and reviewed the CAT scans. Shortly after reviewing the CT scans the doctors informed her of the risks of the surgery but that it had to be done.

This set the wheels in motion for her to prepare for this life threatening major surgery which she has now had.  The surgery went great as they removed two masses/tumors but had to also remove her adrenal gland. Luckily you have two of these glands needing at least one to live.

The surgeon called it an adrenalectomy. Both masses were found to be non-cancerous tumors – Thank God and she is now recovering and doing well. This surgery was involved and recovery has been a process in which she has missed a lot of work including her second job income that she has relied on. Shelley, like many moms, does whatever is necessary to provide for her children working two jobs regularly to make ends meet. This unforeseen obstacle that she has been faced with has put a major burden on her financially because insurance didn’t cover all of the surgery expenses and she has not been able to hit the ground running like she normally does. She is an amazing woman with one goal and that is to put herself last and her kid’s priorities first and foremost but her medical expenses are adding up making this hard for her to overcome by herself.

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