Sean Headd

Stage III Cancer

Sean Headd's Bio

Diagnosed as a rare type of testicular cancer stage III

Sean Headd lives in New Market with his wife, Carrie, and their adorable 5 year old daughter, Kayla. Sean is 40 years old. Sean woke up one morning and felt a lump in his abdomen, scheduled a doctor’s appointment, thinking he may have another hernia. Instead, Sean was told he has a 9 inch tumor wrapped around his aorta making his condition inoperable and another smaller tumor located behind his heart. The next few weeks that followed were mentally and emotionally difficult. Sean endured more tests and procedures than some people have in a lifetime. The results confirmed cancer. It was diagnosed as a rare type of testicular cancer that had progressed to Stage III. After losing 40 lbs and feeling weak, the most aggressive rounds of chemotherapy had to begin. Normally, out and about and a friend to everyone he meets, Sean and Carrie found themselves in a time where support maybe needed now more than ever. Family and wonderful friends and neighbors quickly came to help. The lawn was being cut and maintained, meals were arriving, offers were made to chauffeur Sean where needed and an ear or two was available at any time for listening, etc. All of this was just a reminder, Sean is not alone. There is an overwhelming amount of appreciation felt in the entire Headd family.

With the newly acquired limited income, Sean and Carrie have begun to feel the financial hardship this puts on a working family. Just another “thank you” to friends and neighbors for introducing them to the Patty Pollatos Fund, Inc. organization.