Ryan Tamanini

Stage IIIB Hodgkins Lymphoma

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Ryan Tamanini's Bio

Please take some time and get to know our loved one who is in need of help.

Ryan Tamanini was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Hodgkins Lymphoma, just under a year ago, in June of 2014. It came as quite the surprise since we had went to the urgent care because of a pesky cough he couldn’t seem to shake. That pesky cough turned into a life changing two week process where Ryan was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent 12 cycles of chemotherapy which took quite the toll on his body but he always remained positive and hopeful since having a mid chemo cycle PET scan (in August) which showed the cancer was completely gone and finishing treatment there was a 90% chance of complete remission.

Ryan finished his treatment on November 17th 2014 and we waited the few weeks for the PET scan. He had the PET scan right before Christmas and found out there was new abnormalities to be found. After 2 long months of scans, tests, hematology oncology specialists and second opinions Ryan was re-diagnosed with recurrent Hodgkins Lymphoma.  The news was hard to take as he seemed to do so well with the original cycles of chemotherapy.

Along with the disheartening news of being re-diagnosed with cancer, we were advised that his upcoming treatment plans would result in the ability for us to reproduce. There is nothing easy about being in your twenties and hearing the words that you will not be able to conceive a child together because you’re fighting for your life to battle cancer. I wish we could provide the world with another person as amazing as Ryan.

He truly is the most deserving person. Ryan is smart, funny and loves so hard. He would give to anyone that needed a hand without a blink of an eye. As hard as everything has been for us he has not once asked “why” or said it’s not fair.  He has taken the news of the diagnosis, the treatment and options with such a positive outlook.  He is a fighter and I know that regardless of the struggles presented that we will beat this and power through.  We’re just asking to help make Ryan’s journey a little more positive.

The toll this disease has taken on our family is enormous. We have unwavering emotional support from family and friends which has proved to get us over some hurdles.  We, however, are also in need of financial support due to Ryan’s inability to maintain his position due to chemotherapy and his upcoming stem cell transplant. This disease has put quite the financial burden on our family and we have tried to manage without asking for support but the need is too great to bear alone right now. If you could help us fight cancer by taking a stress of financial needs away it would forever be with gratitude and appreciation from our family.

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