Rick Falkenstine

Tonsillar Cancer

Rick Falkenstine's Bio

Rick Falkenstine, age 54, was diagnosed with tonsillar cancer with metastatic lymph nodes on October 8 , 2015. Rick has been married to his wife Sheri for 20 years. He is also the father of Cole, age 16 and Jocelyn, age 13. Rick and his family reside in Westminster, MD. Rick has always had an optomistic attitude on life so when he was diagnosed with cancer he immediately asked the doctor, what needs to be done and let’s get it done. Not once has he let his diagnosis slow him down. He has always put others’ wants and needs before his own and never complains. He is always there for his family and friends when they need a hand. He will tell you the most important things in his life are his family and many great friends. Since his diagnosis he has had a right radical tonsillectomy. He will undergo treatment for the cancer with 8 weeks of radiation and 6 weeks of chemotherapy. They have told him this will be a very long road. He said I understand but am ready to get this over and move on.