Paisley Tilghman

Right Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

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Paisley Tilghman's Bio

Paisley is a 5 year old who is an infant stroke survivor with a diagnosis of right hemiplegic cerebral palsy. She began Neuro Developmental Therapy at 5 months old, due to lack of awareness weakness and nonuse of her right arm and leg. Her MRI was done at 10 months and is an ugly sight showing total loss of about 70% of the left hemisphere. Thankfully we treat the child and not the MRI. She had completed 10 rounds of constraint induced movement therapy before she was 3 years old, her dominant hand and arm were restrained for 5 weeks at a time forcing her to use her R hand. She got her first afo (super boot) at 12 months to be used to stretch and help prevent spasticity in her calf.