Paislee Hitchcock

Genetic Disorder

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Paislee Hitchcock's Bio

Paislee’s medical journey started at 4 months old. She was admitted to Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC.  She was put on a NG feeding tube for 6 months that her parents handled at home.  Two months later, she was diagnosed with a genetic disorder and liver issues.  Paislee was followed by doctors at Children’s Hospital 3-5 days a week along with a home nurse. The family was forced to drop down to a one income family so mom could care for Paislee’s needs.

Fast forward to Paislee at 2 and a half years old.  She now has a new diagnosis of “PFAPA” a pediatric fever disorder, which causes high fevers.  When Paislee is experiencing these high fevers, she does not want  to eat or drink and normally sleeps a majority of the day.

On her 16th admission to Children’s Hospital on November 6th and after an overnight EEG and sedated brain MRI, we were told that Paislee suffers from “left frontal lobe dysplasia”.  This diagnosis comfirmed the  cause of  Paislee’s epilepsy and seizures.  She is now on a seizure medication two times a day.  Unfortunately her insurance company has denied to pay for the medication and has denied the doctors appeal.  The family is still only one income with her Dad in school two evenings a week to obtain a journeyman plumber license, and her Mom in school full-time for nursing.  Both parents are doing what they can to better their own financial situation and their daughter’s life.


Paislee was recently diagnosed with pneumonia in both her lungs which has led to another admission with children’s hospital making this her 4th admission in 6 months. She will soon be going into the operating room to be put under to check her lung and airway functions after being diagnosed with a narrowed airway and a pocket in her lungs. This little girl and her family have been through it all the in her short life so far, 4 admissions starting at 4 months, a spinal tap, feeding tubes, liver issues, digestive issues, rare genetic disorder and now facing surgery. Please consider donating to help this little girl and her family make it through an already very rough time.