Nathan Proctor

Traumatic Brain Injury

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Nathan Proctor's Bio

Nathan Proctor was traveling home to his family on April 29, 2019 on MD Rt. 194 when he was struck from behind by an impaired driver traveling upwards of 80 mph, while sitting at a red light.

Nate was employed by Frederick County Government at the time of his accident, where he used his many talents as a carpenter. In his free time, he loved going to the bowling alley where he was an avid bowler. After loosing his father at a young age and his Mother October of last year, he became very devoted to his elderly Grandparents.  Nathan the fiancé of Ashley was a Devoted Father to his two-year-old son Logan and his 9-year-old Stepson to be Austin.

Nathan suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as a Diffused Axonal brain injury; this is where the entire brain is affected do to the loss of oxygen.  He also suffered a right Acetabular fracture where the hip is completely shattered apart. Nate was stabilized at Frederick Memorial Hospital and flown to trauma ICU unit within Wells Span Hospital York, PA.  With the help of the ICU staff and Nuero Surgeons they were able to keep the swelling down in his brain with the help of a brain drain.  For roughly 30 days they monitored his pressure within the brain to make sure it wasn’t too high or low.  At 3 weeks post accident they took the tube out of Nathan’s mouth at which time they performed a tracheotomy.  Two weeks later Nathan was off the ventilator and breathing on his own.

After his time at the ICU was up, they transferred him to another unit within the Hospital.  This was considered a Long-Term Acute Care Unit.  However, this was not the type of care he needed.  After many hours and speaking with different neurologists about Nate’s case, we found out that what Nathan really needs is an intensive brain rehab facility program, where Nate would receive brain stimulation.  The family was never offered this as on option.  He is now at a local Nursing Home in Westminster, MD closer to home as his Fiancé is doing a lot of the things to assist in his care daily.

In the meantime, Nathan’s finance Ashley has done some research and found a facility that is exactly what Nathan needs.  The family was able to tour this facility that is in West Orange, NJ.  The facility is called the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation.  At this facility Nathan would receive many hours of rehabilitation a day with different type of therapies such as; sensory, speech, physical therapies.  All these things tend to stimulate the brain, possibly so much as to give Nathan back his life.

After looking at the facility in NJ and coming back to Maryland, the insurance called the Nursing home where he is currently located to tell them that on his current plan, he only had 60 days of rehabilitation services and it was currently maxed out.  The family has since had to apply for Maryland Medicaid.  The two facilities that are in the state of Maryland for Brain Injury patients like Nathan have minimum requirements and parameters that patients must meet for them to be seen there.  Unfortunately, Nathan does not meet those requirements currently.  With Maryland Medicaid still not being approved the family needs to get Nathan to a place that is going to better suit his needs to get him on the road to recovery.  Kessler Brain Rehab Institute in NJ with out a doubt can do that and give him the best possible chance.

Thank you for your support during this time!