Michael & Laura Hall

Multiple Illnesses

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Michael & Laura Hall's Bio

Laura has been a lifelong resident of Frederick, MD. Her husband Michael has lived in Maryland for 30 years. They both have experienced tough times with their health over the last few years. They both love dogs, spending time with their family and going to yard sales.

Michael has serious heart disease having experienced a heart attack, four heart stents, a triple bypass and congestive heart failure. His heart conditions are complicated by increasingly insulin-resistant diabetes. He also suffers from multiple other health conditions including COPD, Fibromyalgia, compromised immune system and venous insufficiency resulting in venous stasis ulcers on his leg where the graft vein for his heart was taken.

Laura’s major health issues began in June 2014 when she began having seizures at work. An MRI ordered by her doctor after she exhibited left-sided weakness, revealed the cause: a large brain tumor. She was placed on anti-seizure meds while waiting to see a neurosurgeon, but continued to have seizures. She saw a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins and surgery was recommended as soon as possible. The surgery was “unusually complex” and she came out of the procedure with significant left-sided hemi-paresis (paralysis & weakness). She was transferred to an in-patient acute rehabilitation facility where she re-learned to walk again. She left rehab using a walker and entered out- patient rehab for 4 months progressing to walking with a cane. The neurosurgeon and neurologist determined at one-year post surgery that Laura’s remaining deficit in her left leg (50% weakness and numbness was permanent).

The type of benign brain tumor Laura had is subject to reoccurrence. She found out in September, 2015 her tumor had re-grown and it was not in an eligible location for radiation treatment. Another craniotomy to remove the second tumor was recommended. Surgery to remove the tumor and the “flax” – the wall between the two brain hemispheres was performed on 11-18-15. Laura again experienced complications. Her left leg showed further deficit – an additional 20% increased weakness on top of the previous 50% weakness. One day post-op she developed a Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot in the lung). The cure for the blood clots is to the thin the blood with Wafarin. This was big problem for a patient one day post op from major brain surgery. It could cause a brain bleed. Laura’s doctors took a calculated risk and started anti-coagulation therapy. She received multiple CT scans to check for brain bleeds. It took two weeks to get her blood to therapeutic levels. She was in intensive care for a week for of her hospital stay. Since she was in the hospital so long, she opted for out-patient physical therapy. She goes to PT 2-3 times a week and vision therapy as well.

Neither Michael nor Laura is able to work due to their continuing health concerns and numerous doctor appointments. Michael has taken early retirement from being a Frederick County Food Health Inspector and Laura worked in the Orthodontics office manager field for 25 yrs. Due to the stress and long hours neither of them is able to work. They both have depleted their savings and pension to pay for continuing health bills and medications, co-payments. What Michael receives in pension is used for prescriptions.

Both Michael and Laura believe in the power of prayers and ask if you are so inclined to please say a prayer for them. They appreciate all prayers and donations.

Since our meeting Michael has been hospitalized again and is now seeing other specialist and in home nursing to help monitor his condition.