Mary Hood

Stage IV Breast Cancer

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Mary Hood

Mary Hood's Bio

Mary and Ethan Hood met 7 years ago at a mutual friends’ wedding.  At the time Mary was starting her master’s degree while teaching full time and Ethan was working long days and pursuing his hobbies.  Although it was a busy time, a unique and remarkable relationship formed.  After five years of dating Ethan decided to propose to Mary.  A small wedding was planned for August 4, 2017 on Mary’s grandparents farm surrounded by family.  Even though Ethan and Mary were enjoying their married life, they felt their love needed to be shares and became pregnant in July 2018.  Shortly after Mary became pregnant, she found what was originally identified as benign mass on her breast.  This finding did not stop Ethan and Mary from eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby girl along with their parents and many aunts and uncles.  Lillian Mae made her arrival on April 13, 2019.

Early in Mary’s postpartum journey, she had some complications and decided her mass needed to be reevaluated.  The happiness and joy of caring for this beautiful new life was interrupted when the biopsy results showed cancer.  A whirlwind of doctor’s appointments and scans ensued, all while spending precious time with the most amazing two-month-old baby.  Mary’s team of doctors determined her Stage IV Breast Cancer treatment plan was to start with chemotherapy, then surgery, and ending with radiation, if needed.

Mary being the enthusiastic and determined teacher that she is, had to make the hard decision to work part time and manage the financial changes that come with that status change for the coming year.  Ethan and Mary have a long road ahead, but the smiles and laughter of baby Lillian have become the primary motivation in beating this disease.  Despite the emotional and financial burdens that come with Mary’s diagnosis, Mary is committed to take all the necessary measures to be a part of Ethan and Lillian’s future, as well as, return to teaching full time!