Marguerite Doyle

Breast Cancer

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Marguerite Doyle's Bio

Marguerite Doyle is 45 years old and has lived in Frederick County her whole life. She is a 1987 graduate from Walkersville High School and a graduate from Frederick Community College in 1997 with a degree in Human Services-Adult and Family Trauma. Marguerite has worked for Head Start for 24 years, assisting families of low to median resources and has extended her hand out to those in need at PPF inc. by volunteering at the Holly Hills Country Club Golf Tournament and at the Clustered Spires Golf Tournament. Now she finds herself a recipient of the organization.

In 2012, Marguerite’s back began to hurt more than usual and her leg kept giving out. There were many times that she couldn’t even get herself up out of bed or from a chair. Her sister noticed that her spine had curved to such a degree that she was walking in an “s” formation. After several visits to local chiropractors, she went to a specialist at Johns Hopkins and at Kernans University of Maryland Hospital. Both said Marguerite had Adult On-Set Scoliosis with a 40 degree curve and Degenerative Disc Disease and she would require two surgeries to insert at a minimum 2 rods, 2 plates and screws. Marguerite would need to stay in the Baltimore hospitals for at least a week, and then go to a re-hab center for 2-6 weeks so that she could learn how to walk again with the new hardware in her back. Both Specialists did tell Marguerite that there is a percentage of patients that get this surgery that lose their ability to walk ever again. So in order to give her time to make this decision and to give her some relief, they gave her a brace to reduce results of curvature and referral for a month of Physical Therapy. The brace won’t stop the spine for continuing to curve and it won’t realign the spine.

Marguerite was already taking a lot of leave from work for her back and for her ailing father. That when she discovered a lump in her left breast in November 2014 she decided to ignore it. She was convinced it was nothing to worry about. Then in February 2015 a gentleman by the name of John Weakley otherwise known as Marguerite’s Guardian Angel and Pillar of Strength came into her world. It wasn’t long over the course of conversations that Marguerite’s secret came out. John became concerned and insisted she go get a mammogram. So May 11th 2015 was Mammogram day. She found out that day she had 3 lumps, 1 needed to be aspirated, and the other 2 biopsied. On May 20th Marguerite went for the Biopsy. Two days later she received a call from her Dr, she told Marguerite you have Breast Cancer. The following week told her that her cancer was noninvasive Stage 0. Second round of tests indicated that her Cancer had broken through the duct walls therefore it could now be a Stage 1-2. It will depend if it had made it to the lymph nodes.

Marguerite had a double mastectomy on June 10th. The cancer had spread to the lymph nodes, so that means Marguerite had Stage 2 Breast Cancer. The first phase of reconstructive surgery has begun. She is awaiting results of the cancer that was removed. Then she will know if she has to have up to a year of chemo or 5 years of hormone treatment.

Marguerite has turned to the friends of PPF for assistance to get through this crisis because she exhausted the last of her leave. The program that Marguerite works for has undergone changes that have impacted her income over the past 5 years. And she is a single person paying for an entire households expenses. She was never able to catch up before the medical crisis started.