Lily Weaver

Bone Cancer

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Lily Weaver's Bio

You may remember Lily Weaver from 6 years ago, a cute freckled faced 10-year-old child up against a nasty bone cancer. She stole a lot of hearts including mine with her adorable smile, bald head, sassy attitude, and intense will to live.  After five years of remission, this horrific bone cancer is back.  Lily, now, age 16 is older, wiser, stronger, and ready to beat cancer again.  The past five years have left Lily constantly giving back to her community through PPF and Lily’s HOPE, helping other families who are faced with cancer.  Last year Lily became a childhood cancer advocate with The Truth 365, speaking in front of thousands demanding that childhood cancer gets more than 4% of funding.  She has written several articles about what it feels like to have cancer through her high school journalism class and even getting printed in a local paper. The articles that Lily and older sister Grace wrote have won first place through Frederick News Post in the category Continuing Coverage against other local high school students.  Lily has not allowed cancer to take any more than it already has away from her.  She loves being surrounding by loyal friends and family, enjoys talking with other children who are in treatment for cancer, loves to play tennis, and of course, loves makeup, shopping, Netflix, and YouTube!

img_4773_editedAfter a fabulous family vacation at the beach, Lily began to complain of some back pain.  Chalking it up to riding waves, laying on the beach, and playing hard in the sand so she didn’t think much of it.  After a few days, however, Lily went to see Dr. Copaken and found out devastating news that cancer has returned.  To say we are heartbroken is an understatement, as we just celebrated with a 5 year Cancer Free Party back in February 2017.  Lily has a tough road ahead of her with treatment, however, we know with Lily’s twinkling personality, her strong faith, and the love of family, friends, and this community, cancer won’t know what hit it. Lily’s mom, Amy, will take off from teaching for Lily’s upcoming treatment plan.  They will make daily trips to Sinai in Baltimore for quite some time and then possible trips to John Hopkins Hospital in the future.

We first ask for the most powerful thing you can do for Lily and her family and that is prayer.  The second thing is to donate here on our website and stand in the gap for this family in their hour of need so her parents, Amy and Frank, can walk this journey with their daughter Lily without the financial stress.  It is one thing to go through cancer one time, but to be the age of 16 and must face this again, is truly unfair, but we trust our Lord and Savior will use it for His glory. He already has with the servant heart this little girl has given to others.  We are now asking for your servant hearts to give back to her.  As Charles Stanley says, “We reap what we sow, more than we sow, later than we sow.” Lily sowed good seeds and I am so proud of her and so is Our Lord.

In Him
Debbie Williams