Korey Smith

Guillain- Barre’ Syndrome

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Korey Smith's Bio

Korey Smith, Age 17 is suffering with Guillain- Barre’ Syndrome.  September 9, 2018 is when it all started when Korey wasn’t feeling great and had slight back ache thought it was sleeping on a futon at friend’s house.  So, he rested on heating pad, took shower, went to his car slight slip in wet grass but didn’t fall.  Was walking back up to house when he noticed his Right leg had pins and needles and felt numb and then the left leg had same feeling.  He waited it out because he is a teenager and had plans to hang with friends for football game.  Went to friend’s house and feeling got more intense and continued to become numb and lost feeling in Right leg.  Korey’s friend’s and father carried him up the steps and he called his brother to come get him after not being able to stand and bare weight or had any control over his right foot.  He called his mom and said I think I something is wrong.

Knowing Korey and his complete dislike for the ER and Doctors, I knew this was serious, so we went to FMH ER and they did a CT Scan.  They came back and said we need to find Pediatric Neuro-surgeon and they were not able to handle this so wanted to transfer to another hospital.  We went to Georgetown University Hospital by ambulance not knowing if Korey was going to be paralyzed from waist down or undergo spinal surgery. The unknown was hard to swallow and the wait for an answer was worse.  The doctors had no answers, just test after test and blood work, MRI’s and spinal taps x2 which left Korey with severe migraines. The neurologist was stumped and the infectious disease doctor along with Orthopedic neuro-surgeon as well.   All the test results were coming back negative and then finally Korey started getting a little feeling back in his left leg and was slowly returning to his right leg in certain area’s but not fully.

Physical Therapy had begun immediately as tolerated to try and regain the use of his legs and feet.   All of this was hard to swallow not knowing why, how, what was wrong with a 17yr old athletic kid who was just walking up the street.  No-one had answers!! This is his senior year of high school; how can this be happening without having answers or ways to help him.

Finally, the doctors came in and said they think its Guillen Barre Syndrome because it shows all the signs and Korey had a respiratory illness, Pneumonia, in the spring.  The only test that came back positive was Micro plasma pneumonia.  So, the doctors have linked the illness in the spring to this onset on Guillain Barre’ Syndrome.  There is no direct cure for the effects of the very rare illness, but chances of recovery are positive but still unknown as to how long. The Guillain Barre’ Syndrome is when your immune system attacks the nervous system and gets at the sheath lining of the nerves causing paralysis and can even cause death, in previous cases.  We finally were discharged with very little information but learning daily.

Korey does multiple days of PT and strength training from specialist to try and regain the correct use of his right leg and foot. All while still fighting the loss of energy and fatigue daily.  He has had several respiratory illnesses from lowered immune system.

Korey and his family are being positive that Korey will ATTACK this challenge, as he does against his opponents on the lacrosse field, he plans to overcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read his story.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

God bless, Korey, with brothers, Kyle and Justin and parents, Kimberly and Jeffrey