Kim Smith

Kidney Stones and Blood Infection

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Kidney Stones and Blood Infection

Kim Smith's Bio

Kim Smith is the Vice President of The Patty Pollatos Fund, so many of you already know of her hard work and big heart.  However, now she is one of our newest recipients and in need of your help for medical bills.

She is one of our most active Volunteers who is meeting with the recipients, taking in information, coordinating, running and always participating in recipient fundraisers.  Very rarely does she ever stop helping others to take a moment for herself.  In addition to helping to run PPF all year long (which is a full-time job), she works a full-time job, is a mother of three teenage boys, cares for her elderly mother who is unable to care for herself and is active in Oakdale High Schools Boys lacrosse program, announcing for all the games and helping to organize their largest fundraiser, bingo.

Unfortunately Kim has been very sick. She had a blood infection and became septic which is believed to be brought on by some very large kidney stones.  They immediately admitted her into Frederick Memorial Hospital.  But because she had a blood infection and was septic, they were unable to crush and remove the stones but rather had to insert a stent which helped to move the stones to a better position in the kidney along with the possibility of her passing them.  Kim’s kidney then became infected due to the irritation from the stones and the stent.

Kim did not have any luck with several of the medications that were given and thus was dealing with fevers, acute pain, rashes and migraines from the infection and medications they were trying.

After over a week in the hospital they felt she was well enough to return home even though the infection was not completely clear, and the stones had not passed.  She will be undergoing another procedure to remove the stent, crush the stones and insert a new stent in hopes that she will be able to pass what is left of the stones once they have been crushed.

During this time, Kim has accrued a very large amount of medical bills and does not have the means or the ability at this time to pay for them, not to mention her loss of pay while recovering.

Thank you ahead of time for your donation for Kim Smith and remember the PPF, Inc. is a 100% volunteer organization so 100% of your donation will go to help Kim.  Kim has helped so many in our community, but it is our turn to rally around her in her time of need!

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