Kelsey Zimmerman

7q31.31 Duplication

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Kelsey Zimmerman's Bio

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” – Disney’s Mulan

Kelsey “K” is a a 3-year-old and a warrior in her way. She began to fall off the growth charts around 4-months and her parents began a long process of finding a reason for it. She was diagnosed with a 7q31.31 duplication in December of 2014 before her first birthday This condition includes aspects of failure to thrive such as developmental delays and small stature, being G-Tube dependent, having dairy and soy allergies, and more. She is part of a Warrior Beads program which presents beads for every medical treatment that she undergoes and her bead count is well into the hundreds. This form of chromosome duplication is as unique as K and it is unknown at this time how it will impact her in the future.

Despite her diagnosis, K is an incredibly happy and active child. In fact, she seems to view the challenges of her condition as just another day for her to prove she’s more than her limits, whether she understands that she has them or not. She just completed her first year of majorettes with the Spinning Illusions where loves to show off her baton skills for family, friends, and parade spectators. She even was awarded a special “Princess” award by her instructors due to her fierce spirit and hard work throughout the season. That title is completely fitting as some of her best friends include Sofia, Ariel, Belle, and Mulan, her absolute favorite. She loves to dance and is often having dance parties with her toys…if they can keep up with her. She has also completed over 100 miles in official races since January 2015 as part of the group I Run 4 where she constantly is the spirit for her matched runner. She can even say that, through these races, she is officially a superhero and Goofy certified and has plans to upgrade to Dopey status next year.

But what makes K an exceptional kid is her love and empathy for others. She has 2 brothers who are also special needs which puts an extra strain on her parents emotionally, psychically, and financially. Even though she’s only 3-years-old, K picks up on things and does her best to help Mom and Dad out through extra cuddles and laughs for the entire family and simply by “going with the flow” with few to no complaints when things get a little trying.

In the spirit from her favorite movie, K really is a rare and beautiful flower that is blooming in the face of adversity. After all, what more would you expect from a princess?