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Heart Surgery Complications

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Jennifer Lee Kolb Regan, age 40 of Frederick, MD, passed away Thursday January 11, 2018. Born June 10, 1977 in Silver Spring, MD, she was the daughter of Brenda Kolb and late Steven Kolb. She was the wife of Sean Patrick Regan and mother of Delaney Kolb Regan and Abigail Elizabeth Regan. She is survived by her step-father Francis Rommal, sisters Sandra Carley and Stephanie Machiran, and brother William Rommal.  Click for full Obituary.

Jenny Regan's Bio

Jenny Regan was taken from her family tragically on January 11, 2018 after complications following heart surgery.  To know Jenny was to love her. She had the power of making you feel like the most important person in the room.  She never spoke of herself, only inquired about you, your family, your job, your life.  She was delicate like a hummingbird, in a constant state of motion, yet a force to be reckoned with all at the same time.

Jenny had her hand in everything, but not for the reasons most do, not to check a box, fill a quota or escape ridicule. She was dedicated to so many causes because she was passionate about them. She volunteered with the PTA because she cared about her children’s school experience. She belonged to ENA because she wanted to be the most current ER nurse she could be.

Jenny was the perfect combination of altruism and self-deprecation. She had a sense of humor about herself and life that made her relatable.  Clothes, hair, makeup…none of that mattered to her, yet she was radiant.

Jenny spent her career as a Registered Nurse. Most recently she worked full-time for Frederick Memorial Hospital and Kaiser Permanente.  While Jenny spent her days making sure she touched the lives of each one of her patients, her heart belonged to her family.  She was a devoted wife to her husband, Sean, and mother to her two daughters Delaney (age 11) and Abby (age 10).

The past few months have been extremely difficult for Jenny’s family.  Coping with their grief and the loss of their beloved Jenny has been very painful.  Additionally, with the loss of income, daily living expenses have been stressful and financially challenging for Jenny’s husband, Sean.  We are asking for your support and donations to help cover the family’s daily financial needs and insure a sense of normalcy for Jenny’s girls.



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