Jennifer Albritton

Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)

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Jennifer Albritton's Bio

In 2012, Jennifer Lynn Albritton was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) for which there is no cure; the condition progresses gradually and eventually leads to death. Jennifer’s case is even rare for rare disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, the degenerative condition most frequently develops in men in their 50s and 60s, and Jennifer started showing signs of MSA in her late 30s. The prognosis from her doctors is not good, but she continues to defy odds. She is a stubborn woman with a stubborn love for her little girl.

Jennifer is the mother of two grown daughters, and a terrific, eight-year-old girl Emily. She is married to a wonderful man named John, a loving and unfailing caregiver to both Jennifer and Emily, who also must manage everything else that his bedridden wife is in capable of managing. This family has endured tremendous heartache – the unimaginable sorrow of a fatal medical diagnosis, the death of family members, the loss of a sibling from addiction, and unemployment. In spite of it all, John always maintains a positive attitude, and will never give up that tomorrow will be a better day.

John has been unable to find permanent employment since 2013. Before Jennifer’s illness, John traveled extensively for his job as a telecommunications project manager. Restricted to employment that does not require travel, John found employment as a government contractor, but his position and department were eliminated due to federal budget cuts. This family has been struggling to stay in their home ever since, and they are struggling to pay their bills. They have nowhere to go. The family shelters in Frederick do not have room for them. They want stability for Emily. It is awful enough for Emily that her mother is chronically ill. An eight-year-old should not have to endure losing a parent, let alone worry about where she is going to live. This family is enduring unimaginable stress, and they are on the edge of terrible disaster. They need your help.

Before we discovered the Patty Pallatos Fund and the amazing, kind-hearted volunteers who give selflessly to help families like the Albrittons, a “GoFundMe” campaign called ‘Save Emily’s Home’ was started on April 27. Many kind and generous people already stepped forward to start helping this family, and they are tremendously grateful. We are now moving forward with the Patty Pallatos Fund. Thank you to all who have supported the Jennifer, John and Emily so far; they felt forgotten, and now they don’t feel like they are in this alone. If you want to help this family, please help get the word out and share this site with your friends. It is amazing how many small acts of kindness can lead to something big!