Jared Cole

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

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Jared Cole's Bio

Jared was born on December 13, 1983 in Frederick, Maryland and has lived and worked here all his life. He attended Loyola College as a Biology Major, where, in his free time, he volunteered wherever he could care for people: those living with HIV and at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, helping to nurture infant development. His desire to help others continued after obtaining his degree in May 2006: Jared began working for the Clinical Services Program for SAIC -Frederick at the National Cancer Institute. There, he worked with principal investigators to focusing on cancer clinical trials.

In May 2008, Jared married his high school sweetheart, Megan. Just 3 months later, in August, Jared was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He immediately began intense chemotherapy at Johns Hopkins Hospital. However, the traditional chemo induction treatment proved unsuccessful at putting the Leukemia into remission. Jared then underwent a clinical trial which was also proved unsuccessful. From August to December 2008, Jared spent most of the time as an in-patient at Johns Hopkins.

At this point, Jared’s oncologist determined his leukemia is chemo-refractory [unmanageable], so he has referred him to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington to participate in a clinical trial using radioactive antibodies, followed by a stem cell transplant.

Today, Jared is still in Washington State, undergoing this ground-breaking treatment, which all who know and care about him pray is successful. His situation is exacerbated by his being so far away from his loved ones during this difficult time. Jared, his family and friends need your prayers and any help you can provide.

God bless you for reading this story of a young man who has spent his life trying to help others. Now, he needs your help, in any way possible.