Jack Kennedy

Rare Bone Cancer

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Jack Kennedy's Bio

Jack is a 14 year old freshman at Liberty High School in Bealeton, Virginia. He has an older sister Haley, and a younger brother, Nicholas. Jack likes to golf, fish and go to the beach in Cape Hatteras, NC. He is a good student who is a natural at learning facts, and theorizing about earth, space and animal sciences.

In July, Jack complained of leg pain while golfing with me, his father. We thought it was a sprained ligament or pulled tendon. During a routine x-ray, the radiologist saw an abnormality in Jack’s femur. After an MRI and a CT guided biopsy, it was concluded that Jack had a rare bone cancer called osteosarcoma. There are only about 600 cases diagnosed each year in the United States. Jack also has a few nodules in his right lung.

Among additional tests that were given was a PET scan which also revealed two pneumothoraxes resulting in collapsed lungs. These were repaired through the insertion of chest tubes.

Following Jack’s PET scan, he underwent an echo cardiogram which revealed an atrial septal defect, a hole in the heart. He underwent heart surgery at Children’s National Medical Center, and it was repaired successfully. Chemotherapy was started a few days later.

This has all been accomplished in three weeks through Medstar Georgetown Hospital and the Lombardi Cancer Center.

Jack will undergo nine more weeks of chemotherapy before having surgery to remove the malignant cells and tumor, and then receive another twenty weeks of chemo following the surgery.

Through all of this, Jack remains positive and is ready for the fight of his life. And we are as well.

Keep praying.

Robert Kennedy