Hayden Irvin Zimmerman

Autism & ADD/ADHD

Thanks For Your Support!

Hayden Irvin Zimmerman's Bio

Lightning McQueen, fire trucks, Paw Patrol, PJ masks and a precious stuffed kitty all sound like a normal 5 year olds life. Hayden is the oldest of 3 children, and he’s a superhero in the hearts of all those who love him. He seems like any normal kindergartener, until you spend a little time with him. He was diagnosed with Autism and ADD/ ADHD. He also has developmental delays; but his challenges and fight started at birth. His entrance into this world occurred via emergency C-section at 41 weeks because they could not detect his heartbeat in utero. He started his life in cardiac arrest and then spent 7 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to help him fight off infection.

It took numerous day cares and preschools for him to get the help that he needs. He was kicked out of many because he was “too much to handle,” even when his parents were honest and upfront during interviews, warning that he needed 1 to 1 attention. When he tested for his placement in school, it was believed that he didn’t need any special placements against his parent’s wishes, until the professionals realized that once again his parents were right. He was given his 1: 1 aid at school, but even that isn’t of much help to him. The psychology team that observes him and meets with his parents and teachers has now recommended that Hayden be “pulled from school” and that his parents seek out “other educational opportunities” for him. The traditional education system has given up on him. He is overstimulated in a traditional classroom setting causing him to become disruptive. He lacks the social skills and maturity to be in a classroom.

What are his options? He could go to a private school at a large financial burden to the family. With two other special needs children at home, homeschooling would be a difficult undertaking; and a private tutor would also be a large financial burden for his family at a minimum cost of $5000. At his age, it’s difficult to tell what will work for him, but somehow he needs help to prevent him from being left behind. He deserves a chance to a normal education; unfortunately what is normal for him doesn’t fit in a neat and tidy little package. He needs someone to be a blessing to him, a miracle for him, will it be you? Thank you for your consideration!