Grant McCauley Davis

Short Gut Gastroschisis

Grant McCauley Davis's Bio

Grant Michael was born with a birth defect known as “Short Gut Gastroschisis” This is caused by a hole in the abdominal wall. Grant was born with less than 10 centimeters of small intestines. Newborns are usually born with 250 centimeters of small intestines. Because of this his body cannot absorb food or drink, he gets his nutrition from TPN (Total Parental Nutrition). All of his meals are intravenously fed to him by a Broviac, a long catheter in his chest to a vein that goes to his heart. He also has a Gastrostomy tube on the left side of his stomach. The g-tube drains excess fluids so that Grant doesn’t feel like he just ate a Thanksgiving meal.

Grant currently travels with his mother to Georgetown University Hospital each week to be seen by one of the leading surgeons on the East Coast whom specializes in pediatric small bowel transplants. He is currently number 2 on the transplant waiting list. The transplant is life saving but insurance will not pay for all costs such as; co-pays, clinic visit travel, and relocation for 6 months so that Grant’s parents can be with their son in his post-op phase.

Even after his transplant, Grant’s struggle will continue with weekly visit to Georgetown and take medications daily for the rest of his life.