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Eric Wantz's Bio

Eric Wantz was a husband, father, son, brother, and friend. Eric was 41 years old and was diagnosed with melanoma on his arm 2 years ago in 2016.  He had surgery to remove it. They found it in a few lymph nodes in his armpit which were also removed. He had been cancer free until about two months ago. He started having cluster headaches that left him bedridden. He went to urgent care and they ordered an MRI. Sadly, the MRI showed multiple lesions of melanoma on his brain and he was diagnosed as stage 4. They started radiation immediately and ordered more scans. The news once again was not good and they found spots on his lung and in the vertebrae of his lower back. He began radiation and then immunotherapy to fight cancer for his life back.  The cancer was incurable, but the doctors hoped to maintain it. The hope was that treatments would shrink the lesions. Over the past few weeks, Eric’s health began to decline. A tumor that was attached to his brain detached and reattached to his spine which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Eric’s fight with cancer ended on August 14th. He went to be with the Lord while surrounded by his loved ones at the hospital.

Eric was the bread winner of the family and had to stop working once he became ill. His wife Emily is a teacher, but after the birth of their twins who are now two and already having another child who is five, she became a full-time mom. During the past few months, Eric has accrued a large amount of medical bills that are now left for his family. Eric’s wife, Emily, is now left to find money to pay for Eric’s medical expenses and also a funeral. In a time of grieving, we are asking for a money donation so that Emily does not have to worry about money as she just lost her best friend and the father of her three young children.

Thank you ahead of time for your donation for Eric Wantz and his family. Please remember the PPF, Inc. is a 100% volunteer organization so 100% of your donation will go to help Eric and his family. Also remember that any donation to PPF and the Wantz family is 100% tax deductible.

Thank you and God bless