Demetri Callas

Multiple Medical Issues

Demetri Callas's Bio

Many of you may remember Demetri (Penny) Callas who started his music career many years ago in the Frederick area. And how proud Frederick was when Demetri became one of the Four Seasons!!

He has been a vegetarian and an avid exerciser his whole life. Due to hereditary genetics he has been dealing with multiple medical issues the past few years making it more difficult for him to play music, his soul source of income throughout his life! His most recent medical issues have left him unable to perform and provide an income and continue his God given amazing talent of masterful guitar playing that we all have enjoyed for so many year.  Our resent fundraiser was amazing and Demetri was so humbled by all the love and support.  It is my hope that we can continue to help Demetri in his hour of need.