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Ms. Dana Lynn DeLauter, 43, of Frederick, passed away on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, at her home surrounded by her loving family. She will be sadly missed by Chad D. Marshall, her significant other. Born in Frederick on July 31,1974, she was the daughter of Harold C. and Lynn Markle DeLauter, of Frederick.

Dana’s passion for dance was a large part of her life; she was an instructor and an excellent choreographer, having studied and worked at Bettie Jane’s Center of Dance. She was an enthusiast for good health and fitness. She enjoyed paintingand making jewelry. Dana had a great love for her family; she enjoyed nature and loved her dogs, Oakley and Kilo.  Click for full Obituary

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Dana DeLauter's Bio

Update:  Sadly Dana lost her battle on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.  Our prayers and sorrow are with her family.  Dana fought hard in this battle and left behind many who loved her.  More details will be posted as we receive them.

As a single mom of three boys, Dana was diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer in late February of 2015.  A few weeks later she learned the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, and in March she had a bilateral mastectomy at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Dana was given devastating news by her doctors following the surgery and was told that she would not be around to share another birthday or Christmas with her children and was given just months to live. Holding true to her “never quit” attitude, Dana immediately started an all natural healing protocol known as Gerson Therapy.  A positron emission tomography (PET Scan) was completed in April of 2016 and it revealed that Dana had bone cancer throughout her body, including her spine. With her options dwindling, Dana chose to do three weeks of intensive alternative cancer treatments outside the United States. Dana began to see progress but at the end of August 2016, she experienced a calcium spill into her blood which was caused by the destruction of bones by the bone metastasis. After spending nine days in the hospital and experiencing some of the most excruciating pain she has ever felt, Dana was released to go home. Dana left the hospital needing the assistance of a walker to get around. Dana once again found the fight deep inside herself that had gotten her this far. She searched for answers and found a facility providing alternative treatments inside the United States.

In October 2016, Dana connected with the Euromed Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona. Doctors at the Euromed Foundation provided a game plan for her treatment and gave Dana the hope once again that she could beat this deadly disease. Dana started traveling back and forth each week for treatments and began to see amazing results with one of them being that she no longer needed a walker to get around. Dana has made great strides in her healing while surprising doctors along the way with the speed of her healing. As she continues to defy the odds, Dana will be traveling to the Euromed Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona for the next four to six more months every week fight her battle.

Dana is determined, positive, and strong in her journey and refuses to quit on herself or her family. She has much faith and trust in Lord and gives much thanks to him for leading the way. Dana and her family are most grateful for all the love, support, and prayers given by family, friends, and the church.

We appreciate your time in reading about Dana’s journey, and helping in any way you can. We thank you for your donations, fundraising support, and your prayers. You are truly making a difference not only for Dana but for her three boys that need her most.

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