Colleen Bal

Stage IV Breast Cancer

Colleen Bal

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Colleen Bal's Bio

Colleen was born and raised in the Midwest, primarily in a small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan. After graduating from Michigan State University, and following a brief stint overseas, Colleen decided her future was back in the States to start raising a new family with her fiance, Jake. Soon after her return, she moved here to Maryland to finally be near him, and in 2014, they were married. They have lived in Frederick ever since.

She and Jake had just recently settled on their first house, making Maryland their new home in which they plan to begin a family of their own. Then, just weeks after finding out their offer was accepted, Colleen was given the news that, at the young age of only 26, she had breast cancer. She was initially diagnosed as Stage II, but just as the first blow was sinking in, Colleen received the news that her cancer had spread extensively throughout her body, advancing her to Stage IV.

Colleen has already begun her chemotherapy treatments, but is likely looking at many years of treatments to not only rid her body of the cancer now, but to prevent its return down the road. So far, Colleen has been able to work through the first couple treatments, but it is expected to get worse with each treatment. Following chemotherapy, she is also expected to undergo multiple surgeries, further impacting her ability to work down the road.

Colleen (and Jake) would both like to thank all of their friends and family who have already been and continue to be so wonderful and helpful. Despite the terrible situation, life’s true blessings are making themselves known every day, and that is certainly something to cherish!