Cindy Heilman

Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Thanks For Your Support!

The PPF, Inc. is sadden to say that Cindy Heilman went to be with the Lord on Wed. June 14, 2017.  The family would like to thank everyone for their support and prayers at this time.   Click to view Cindy’s Obituary
In loving memory of Cindy Heilman.

Cindy Heilman's Bio

My wife has been the glue to the family. She always loved holidays and Christmas and Thanksgiving were the big ones for her. We had a dinner and the two girls, grandson and one of the daughters boyfriend would help and attend.

Cindy loves nature from tiny pebbles and small seashells to large trees and sunrises and sunsets. She loved planting flowers and mending to them. She truly loves her flowers. We have two dogs one we’ve had about 10 years then we adopted a pup that was almost totally blind about 3 years ago Cindy knew it would be hard for that puppy to be adopted so she took her.  She loved walking the dogs close to woods, streams anywhere she could enjoy nature and quiet. She loved the birds. She had a bird feeder that she kept food in for them. We also have a small water fountain and she would watch the birds come take a drink and cool off a bit. She also loved camping and taking our grandson along.

Cindy has been a caring mom. Our son is pretty well off compared to the girls, so she would do whatever she could to help them. Her one daughter lives at home and is now taking time to help her mom. Cindy loved people. She took to just about everyone. We have joined a church which she truly loves. She loves the whole church family and looks forward to Sundays each week. She is especially grateful for two ladies who send her cards daily while going through radiation and chemo. As Cindy got stronger, it meant so much to send them a card in return.

Cindy was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in July of 2016. She went through radiation and chemo therapy for 2 ½ months. During that time, she was hospitalized twice for pneumonia. Cindy was put on oxygen during the first pneumonia, and is still on oxygen. Cindy also lost her voice since the cancer spread to two lymph nodes in the center of her chest, putting pressure on the vocal chord nerves. This caused her vocal chords to become paralyzed. There was also a spot on her brain, which is gone now, but at her second follow up another spot showed up on her brain.

Her voice started to come back about 3 months after treatment. However, after another 2 to 3 months, her voice started to deteriorate again. She started having problems breathing and lost energy. On her 6 month follow up we learned the cancer had spread vigorously. Another tumor in the lung, 2 tumors in liver, also spread to pancreas. Also, it is likely that the cancer has spread to her right femur bone.

Cindy needs to have a tracheotomy to improve her breathing under control. Then she will start treatment again.