Chuck Brownlowe

Colon Cancer

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Chuck Brownlowe's Bio

Charles “Chuck” Brownlowe was born August 12, 1959. He is father to three children and a loving husband to his wife of28 years. He has battled cancer for much of the latter part of his life. He was first diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1994. After 2 major surgeries and 8 weeks of radiation he was told he was in remission. He remained in remission but in 2007 was diagnosed with Asenic Cell Carcinoma, a variation of salivary gland cancer. He again underwent surgery, this time to remove the salivary gland. They were able to remove all of the effected area and due to the amount of radiation he encountered with the first cancer it was not pursued this time.

In July of this year Chuck faced another challenge. While at work he had a heart attack. He was taken to the hospital where doctors placed 2 stints in his heart. He was also put on blood thinners to keep from clotting. He was out of work for 7 weeks recovering. As a side effect of the blood thinners he began to have some rectal bleeding. Upon further examination they found a mass in his colon and it was determined that it was indeed cancerous. He was able to go back to work for about a week before undergoing surgery to remove the cancerous portion of the colon. The surgery was very risky due to the recent trauma to his heart and the blood thinners and he now has a temporary colostomy bag. He pulled through but faced weeks of recovery.

It has now been a month since surgery and he is still on leave from work. He was also just informed that his job has been terminated as of the end of this month due to al1 the time he has missed. He will have one more surgery to reverse the colostomy and then potentially chemo. He is the primary provider for the family and being out of work for months has caused a lot of strain on the families finances. Because he is no longer employed the insurance will terminate at the end of November. The family faces an uncertain financial future.