Christopher Routzahn


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Christopher Routzahn's Bio

Chris Routzahn has lived in Frederick since age 10. At age 15, he broke his neck in a BMX bicycle accident which rendered him a quadriplegic. He NEVER looked back! Chris graduated from Frederick High School in 1990. Coming from adversity, he discovered quickly that he needed to be as self-reliant as possible and took charge.

Chris has been a full time volunteer at Rock Creek School in Frederick County, Maryland for over 12 years. His dedication to the special needs students at RCS is remarkable. In order to maintain this level of commitment, as well as his independence, Chris needs safe and reliable transportation. He is currently able to drive using a modified van, but the 2002 van that he has is in constant need of repair and has left him stranded on many occasions. When unable to come to volunteer, Chris is sorely missed not only by the staff which relies on his presence and expertise, but more-so by the students who will ask, “Where’s Mr Chris?”

It is now our time to give back! Please consider helping us to help Chris maintain his independence and allow him to positively affect the lives of so many of our kids.