Cheryl Matulevic

Breast Cancer

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Cheryl Matulevic's Bio

Meet Cheryl Matulevic (60), or better known by her friends as Sherry.  Sherry is a disabled widow, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and most importantly a friend. Sherry has been known to be the life of a party, supportive of her family/friends and loving nanny to her grandsons. Sherry has spent most of her life living in Frederick where her kids grew up and many of her friends and loved ones live.

On January 21, 2016 Sherry’s life was once again derailed by devastating news. Sherry was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer and remedy to treat began immediately. So far, Sherry has undergone two surgeries and begun chemotherapy. Treatments has not been easy for Sherry as she has suffered from weight loss, hair loss, and medical side effects which led to additional hospitalization and medical treatment.  Because the treatments leave her weakened, Sherry is no longer able to care for her grandchildren and spends most of her time resting to battle her breast cancer.

Sherry has medical insurance which has helped cover little if any of her treatment during this process. She is battling coverage for her surgery and the medical bills are extremely costly for these treatments; including prescription bills that continue to pile up. This heavy burden continues to add stress when the only thing Sherry should be concentrating on is hope, love and prayer to battler her cancer.

So we, her family, ask for support in helping to raise funds and alleviate the costly medical bills that continue to burden Sherry. We hope and humbly request your support in Sherry’s fight to overcome and beat breast cancer so she can spend more time with us as a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend. God bless.