Chasidy Plunkard

Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Thanks For Your Support!
Chas Plunkard

Chasidy Plunkard's Bio

Chasidy Plunkard, from Mt. Airy, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer in April 2017.  The news came as quite a surprise after having a simple gall bladder surgery.  She is a single mom and an only child. She has two boys, Dain(21) and Daniel(16), and her Mom, Roxanne to help her as much as possible. She has had a very extensive surgery to remove as much of the cancer, that had spread throughout her abdomen, as possible. She has just started chemo and will have at least 6 treatments.

Chasidy is a U.S. Air Force Veteran and served our country during Desert Storm/Shield. Her training and lifes challenges has made Chasidy a very strong-willed woman, she has a heart of gold and has never asked for much out of life. She has the goal of seeing her boys get married and watch her one day, grandchildren grow up. Just like everyone else, she plans to grow old and enjoy the life God gave her to the fullest! We do believe in our hearts that Cancer has picked the wrong girl! She will beat it, we believe that. But while she’s fighting it, we want to try to take unnecessary stress of bills and finances off of her shoulders so she can focus and fight the fight!! And being a single Mom and not being able to work, the everyday bills along with the medical bills are piling up quickly.

We are planning several fundraisers for her to help her through these trying times with Medical bills and her everyday living bills. We will post all fundraisers here and on her Facebook page.

The main thing is to pray for her!! PLEASE!! She has a long road ahead of her that she will run, not walk, and we feel with all her friend’s and family’s prayers and support, she will cross the finish line and become cancer free!