Brian Moberly

Diabetes, COPD

Sadly on March 17, 2017, Brian lost his health battles to be with the lord.  The Patty Pollatos Fund offers it’s deepest sympathies and prayers to Brian and his family.

Brian Moberly's Bio

Brian Moberly, age 62, and a lifelong resident of Frederick County, has always been known for his work in the Electrical Supply industry for over 20 years. He has also truly touched many lives through his music.   Since he was 10years old, Brian started picking the guitar and started his 1st band at age 12.  He has not stopped since.

Brian is currently the band manager and guitarist for Inside Out Band.   He has played with Inside Out for many years started back to the early 90′s.

Brian is currently struggling with severe diabetes, COPD, and a severe gout infection in his left foot. He was very close to loosing his foot.   So far doctors have been able to save his foot but are closely monitoring him. Because of all the infections,  he started going into kidney failure.  Brian and his doctors are actively working to get his diabetes under control and regulate his medications.

After spending multiple weeks in and out of hospital, the medical bills have mounted leaving him with a large financial debt. Brian had to retire in May 2015 because of numerous health conditions stemming from a congestive heart failure arrhythmia.   He had a heart operation for mitral valve in 2008 and since then other medical issues have risen.