Blake Mintz

FOXG1-Neuro Developmental Disorder

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Blake Mintz's Bio

Blake is 2 years old and in that time, has had a rough start. In summer of 2017, he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called FOXG1, a rare disorder that has affected less than 400 people in the world. FOXG1 is a rare neuro-developmental disorder caused by a mutation of the FOXG1 gene, which impacts brain function. With this disorder, Blake is not able to walk, talk, and cannot control body movements. There is no cure for FOXG1.

Blake has physical therapy twice a week, has had multiple EEG’s, MRI’s, is also affected with Sandifer’s Syndrome, and is on multiple reflux medications. Currently, Blake is unable to talk, walk, crawl. and control certain part of his body.