Bill Dunn

Chronic Kidney Disease

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Bill Dunn's Bio

We’d like for you to get to know Bill Dunn. Bill is 33 years old and was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes (Insulin Dependent) at the age of 7. He has endured the regimen involved with the care of the disease for 26 years. In August of 2012, Bill was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease stemming from the Diabetes. In October of the same year, his kidneys decided they had had enough and quit working. He immediately had to begin dialysis to filter his blood on a regular basis, since his kidneys are no longer functioning. For those of you who are not familiar with the process it takes between 3 and 4 hours and has to be performed three times a week. The only way to get Bill off of the dialysis is to have a kidney transplant. If he is fortunate enough to get a kidney and pancreas, he would also be cured of the Diabetes. Even after transplant, there will be a lifetime of anti-rejection medications and other medical expenses.

Bill purchased a house in January of 2012 and his desire is to make it “home” for he, Catie and Blitz. Because of the time involved with the dialysis, he was unable to continue working at a job he had for many years and the medical expenses are only beginning. Bill has a wonderful support group consisting of family, friends and acquaintances. We believe that God has a plan and will provide.

We are very excited to be a part of the Patty Pollatos Fund and invite you to join in any fundraiser activities to help Bill meet his financial and medical needs.