Ashley Godles

Stage IV Liver Cancer

Thanks For Your Support!

Ashley Godles's Bio

Hello, my name is Ashley Godles and I now live in Hagerstown MD. It is not easy to write about yourself, so I will do my best. I have been ill now for 1 year. Being diagnosed with stage IV fibrosis with cirrhosis of the liver, came as a complete shock to myself and my family. My family and I have lived in Ohio for the past 7 years and with this disease aggressively progressing, it became to much and we have moved back to Maryland with the support of my family. I have 2 younger children, ages 2 and 7, with my husband. I am now not able to work do to the symptoms of my illness In the last year I have been hospitalized two times and two emergency room visits where is was not admitted. I have undergone a multitude of vigorous testing and procedures. My husband has been to the emergency room from the trials and stress he has had from our sudden change in my condition and abilities. I am up and moving about just limited and require frequent periods of rest.

I am now approved for the liver transplant and the team at University of Maryland is hopeful for a live donor transplant. The process has started and I am undergoing more testing for this also.

Through all the trials and challenges could not be possible with out my families support and love. I thank God for each morning and every moment I am blessed with. I spend time visiting and sitting with family and friends who all have granted me strength in prayer. I like gardening and crafting fun ideas into life, also meeting with the knitting ladies at Zion Church on Tuesday nights where I work on crochet projects. I want to thank everyone for the blessing support.