Angel Cregger

Massive Heart Attack

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Angel Cregger's Bio

This is Angel Cregger and she suffered a major heart attack when she was 34 years old. The heart attack did major damage to Angel’s heart and she has to be put on the heart transplant list. While waiting for a transplant Angel’s heart became sicker and she has to get a LVAD. Left Ventricular Assist Device. This device did the work Angel’s sick heart could no longer do but it was heavy and restrictive. Angel waited for 8 years for her “New Heart”. She finally got it on January 12, 2015.

cregger-angel-pg-picThere was a unforeseen complication and Angel went into a coma for a week. During this week Angel’s muscle’s became weak and broke down. She had foot droop. To try and stop the foot drop a nurse wrapped Angel’s feet with a ace bandage. Unfortunately they left the bandages on for too long and they ended up causing contact wounds to Angel’s feet. This wounds became very deep and took months and daily treatment to heal. When Angel finally awake from the coma she realized she was unable to use her arm or legs. This was so scary. The Dr.’s said it was due to the muscle deterioration and she would have use of her arms and legs again but it would take time and therapy.

Angel spent a month and half in the ICU and then was moved to step down unit for another month. Angel worked daily with therapists to regain her strength. She worked until she had movement in her arms and then she was moved to a Physical Therapy Unit. Angel spent another month there where she worked very hard and even asked for extra Physical Therapy. She was determined. She took her first steps there.

Angel was released to home 4 months after going in for her transplant. She came home in a wheel chair with scheduled weekly therapy at her home. By June she was walking with a walker. Angel’s “new” heart has been doing great but it take a lot of work to keep it working well.

Angel still deals with the after effects of the wounds on her feet. She also suffers from chronic back pain from carrying the LVAD for all those years. Angel and her family are still struggling with the cost of the transplant and the costs of the anti-rejection medications. She remain in treatment for her feet and strength building. Angel thanks God everyday for the “miracles” that have occurred in her life.