Amy Nagle

Stage IIIC Breast Cancer

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Amy Nagle's Bio

Amy Nagle was born and raised in the Midwest and is an avid Green Bay Packers fan.  She is also the single mother of a grown son. Eight years ago, Amy and her son moved from the Midwest to the Frederick area.

In December of 2016 Amy passed out in a restaurant bathroom while Christmas shopping with her family due to abnormal bleeding.  The bleeding persisted, and Amy was given options on how to control it by her gynecologist.  The first option Amy chose made her symptoms worse and went to another doctor for a second opinion.  She opted to have surgery to rectify the situation in late summer of 2017, which alleviated her symptoms.  A few weeks after the procedure she noticed the lymph nodes under her left arm ballooned seemingly overnight.  Even though she told her doctor about this problem, he did not feel it was anything to worry about and ordered a mammogram.  The mammogram came back as “probably benign”, stating the inflammation was probably just cysts.  Again, Amy sought another opinion regarding this from her family physician who also thought they were probably just cysts.  The inflammation started to get bigger and more painful, and then Amy found a lump in her left breast.  At that point she insisted on an ultrasound of her left breast and surrounding tissues, the findings of which led to a biopsy of the lump in her breast and lymph nodes.

In January 2018 Amy was diagnosed with stage IIIC breast cancer with metastasis to the surrounding lymph nodes, including the nodes in her neck.  Less than two weeks later she began her first of six rounds of TAC chemotherapy.  During the time she was undergoing chemotherapy she was hospitalized twice; the first time with a diagnosis of C. Difficile and was hospitalized for nine days; the second time hospitalized for four days with no clear indication of what the infection was.  In July Amy had surgery to remove the tumor in her left breast and all lymph nodes on the left side.  Unfortunately, the pathology report showed the chemotherapy did not work as intended and she still had cancer in all her lymph nodes.  Also, the tumors in her neck tripled in size after chemo and surgery, making treatment decisions more difficult.

Currently, Amy is undergoing radiation therapy to her left side and left neck and is also on hormone suppression medication.  After radiation she will probably need to have more chemotherapy as her tumors are aggressive and not responding to therapy as hoped.

Amy has not been able to work since January due to the aggressiveness of her cancer and the complications she has endured from her treatment.  It is not certain at this time when Amy will be able to return to her job.  We are asking for help in covering her day to day expenses and medical bills, so she can concentrate on her health, and ultimately return to full time work.