Amanda Tyeryar

Breast Cancer

Amanda Tyeryar's Bio

Amanda E. Tyeryar-Stebbing and her husband Joseph E. Stebbing, Jr. reside in Thurmont, Maryland with their three daughters Sophia 8, Dalilah 4, and Isabelle 2 1/2.

Mothers Day weekend of 2013 will be one that Amanda will never forget. Instead of enjoying time with her future husband and three daughters, she was trying to imagine what her daughters lives would be like without her. That weekend the doctor had called to tell her the jelly bean sized lump she found in her left breast was not a “cyst” but in fact Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Triple Positive Breast Cancer. Life has been non-stop since then with numerous biopsies, tests, port placement, a double mastectomy and chemotherapy.

The Double Mastectomy and Chemotherapy side effects have been hard on the entire family, causing Amanda to be unable to return to work during treatment, and causing Joe, who is a self-employed chainsaw woodworking artist, to put aside some work to help with their daughters. Sophia, Dalilah, and Isabelle, have also been uncomfortable with the side effects the chemotherapy has taken on their mother, but Amanda and Joe do their best to carry on with business as normal. Business as normal includes driving Sophia to her gymnastics, where she performs with her heart and her soul. Taking Dalilah to 4 year old preschool where she asked Mommy to wear her wig for the first day of her school, and potty training Isabelle, who is scared-to-death of Mommy’s wig! Amanda has also been blessed with amazing friends who have provided numerous meals for the family of five, entertained the kids with books and activities, and drove Amanda to her chemotherapy appointments.

The family has turned to PPF, Inc. to help with the financial and emotional toll the medical bills have taken on the family. With the costly co-payments, medicines required for chemotherapy, and bills not covered by health insurance, the mountain of bills seems endless. Most recently Amanda was told by her work she may need to go COBRA for her family’s health insurance with the possibility of paying up to $1,900 per month. The family is still praying this does not happen!

Amanda, Joe, Sophia, Dalilah, and Isabelle are thankful for the many forms of help they have received and are praying along with many others that this cancer is just a small speed bump in their long lives together.

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