Alfie Fisher

Spinal Cord & Neck Injury

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Alfie Fisher's Bio

Since a teenager he has been a big help to his community. He has mentored younger boys around the neighborhood by teaching them how to skateboard, ride dirt bikes, fish and hunt. He also volunteered as a fire fighter for Independent Hose Company 1 in Frederick, Md. He never strayed away from lending a helping hand and even as an adult he continued to help others, especially the elderly.

September of 2008 Alfie was on his way to help an elderly man on his farm but he never made it to his destination. His car hit an embankment, rolled and then hit a utility pole. The impact of the car caused the pole to snap in half and fall onto his car trapping him inside. An on looker saw the accident and immediately called 911. It took workers several hours to free Alfie from the mangled car. Once freed he was flown out to shock trauma located in Baltimore, Md. Doctors began hooking him up to machines which included a breathing tube. Unsure if there were any internal injuries they needed to make sure that they had all of the extra support they needed in order to save his life.

After stabilizing Alfie his Doctor’s informed his family of his prognoses. He had suffered a broken spine, partially collapsed lung and was given a 1% chance of ever walking again. They later found out that he suffered from a broken neck as well. This was devastating to his family especially since Alfie was such an active person. Two of his most loved activities included fishing and bull riding.

The family was informed that he needed immediate surgery in order to stabilize his spine. After surgery Alfie was taken off of the breathing machine but weeks following the surgery he had a set back and had to be put back on it, he spent three weeks on the ventilator. His family would find themselves constantly praying over him or simply just talking to him hoping for some sort of response but for the most part there would be none. At this point taking an hour long drive had become a daily routine for his family. The combination of pain and frustration at times would have Alfie pounding his hand on his bed with tears falling down his face because he was in such pain. He was unable to communicate with anyone due to the fact that there were tubes placed in his throat and in one of his lungs.

Fighting to walk again has become Alfie’s life mission and he has shown that during his many grueling physical therapy sessions. For him the therapy was only the beginning he was very determined to help his injuries heal quickly. Unfortunately there was a set back in October 2008 when both Alfie and his family learned that he was suffering from a bedsore. The bedsore was not healing correctly and in December it required further treatment. In January 2009 there would be a series of tests and treatments done due to the bedsore turning into a stage IV which is the most serious and advanced. According to University of Maryland Medical Center’s website a stage IV bed sore is a pressure ulcer that has become so deep there is damage to the muscle and bone, and sometimes tendons and joints. They found out shortly after the testing that the infection had went to the bone.

Alfie is no stranger to giving back to his community and now he is the one in need of his community’s help. Alfie and his sister Tamara hope to not only help him get back on his feet, literally but they also hope to use A Cowboy’s Cause to help others in the community that are in need. A Cowboy’s Cause has already started their mission by helping to take in donations for a family (which included five children) in the Carroll County area that lost everything to a fire. Items lost included birthday presents for one of the children as well as Christmas presents for everyone in the whole entire family.

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