Aidan Marker

Accident Complications/Stroke

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Aidan Marker's Bio

Aidan is an 11 year old boy from Wolfsville MD. He is a free spirited boy full of love and energy! His favorite past time is hunting with his dad and grandfather and fishing with the entire family. Not a weekend would go by over the spring/summer/fall without him fishing.

One May 30th, Aidan was involved in a mini bike accident.  He was taken to the hospital and was released with some stitches in his leg, a fractured arm, and a concussion.  Later that night things changed for Aidan and he was rushed back to the hospital and then flown to Children’s Hospital in DC. Aidan had a seizure and two strokes, one of which the doctors say was a massive stroke. Aidan was being sedated to help his body rest and to try to alleviate the swelling in his brain. Each day is a new hurdle for Aidan to overcome.

He is now in a medically induced coma and a piece of his skull has been removed to help with the pressure of the brain swelling. Blood clots have become another issue for Aidan recently.

We are not sure what each day holds for Aidan but we do know one thing for sure…. He is a fighter and he will overcome this!

The doctors have given possible outcomes but no one knows for sure until he is taken out of the coma. Aidan’s parents have not left his side the entire time he is has been down at Children’s.

The entire community has been pulling together in prayer for this adventurous young man.