PPF Prayer

In this time of uncertainty and at war against terrorism I invite you to join the PPF in daily prayers for our Country our Leaders our Troops and our Community and Family. My daily prayers are specific; include naming and praying for our Political Leaders. I pray for President Obama and all he represents, Governor O’Malley and Senator Brinkley and all they represent. Congressman Bartlett, Delegate Shultz, Commissioner Young, Mayor Randy McClement, Alderman Aloi, Judge Adams, D.A. Smith Sheriff Jenkins, and all our men and women in the military and police force on domestic and foreign soil and all they represent, that they will turn their face to Our Heavenly Father and understand why he has placed them in this position of authority in this season of their life. To do his will – not mans will – and give them the Wisdom of Solomon to know the difference, the Heart of David, patience of Job, Strength of Samson, and the Obedience of Noah to lead and protect our Country our State our Community. When two or more come together in pray there is a special and powerful presence of Our Lord. How powerful would this prayer be if each and every morning you included this one?

May Peace be with you for then you will be in oneness with the Living God

In Him
Debbie Williams